Dear readers!

Тhe journal Biomedical Chemistry: Research and Methods (BMCRM) opens the fourth volume and begins the fourth year of its existence. The previous year was characterized by expanding geography of our authors and increased citation of papers published in this journal.

Our journal has been registered with CrossRef [https://www.crossref.org, i.e. has a Digital Object Identifier (DOI)] and in databases related to CrossRef: LENS (https://www.lens.org), Microsoft Academic (https://academic.microsoft.com), OCLS WorldCat (https: //www.worldcat.org). The journal has been also included in the Russian Science Citation Index (https://elibrary.ru/title_about.asp?id=67180). There is a positive decision from the EBSCO database for inclusion of BMCRM into EBSCO Title lists.

We hope that the third year of the publication of the BMCRM will be successful, and the methodological focus of the articles published in it will be in demand among the readers.

Editor in Chief
A.E. Medvedev