(a) Reviews of the results of own research

In this section, articles summarizing results of own studies on a particular subject are welcomed. These may include not only previously published data, but also new unpublished results.

(b) Reviews of the literature that do not contain research the results of authors reviewing them

Such works can be published provided that the authors give a new original viewpoint of on the considered problem.

(c) Reviews of modern methods of biomedical research

Methodical articles on the use of a wide range of methods and their modification in application to the problems of biomedical chemistry and on specific examples. Own methods and modifications should be described in a clear and detailed manner. All data confirming the work of the methods should be readily available or provided in Supplementary materials.

(d) Meta-analysis of data

This section includes a description of the collection of data obtained in serial experimental works, united in a common goal and protocols, representing interest to the scientific community, available at public depositories or in the form of Supplementary materials. The data should be presented in full, both in the original form, and additionally in the form of analytical materials, without arbitrary correction. The protocols of experiments should be described clearly and exhaustively, modifications of original protocols/standard procedures should be explained.