Antituberculosis, Antimicrobic and Antioxidant Properties of Persica Vulgaris L. Extracts


  • I. Mamatova Andijan State University, 129, Universitet St., Andijan, 170100 Uzbekistan
  • I. Askarov Andijan State University, 129, Universitet St., Andijan, 170100 Uzbekistan
  • M. Mamarakhmonov Andijan State University, 129, Universitet St., Andijan, 170100 Uzbekistan



E. coli; Mycobacterium tuberculosis; tannins; flavonoids; peach


Peach is a medicinal plant which has many traditional applications uses against various diseases. In this study we have evaluated differences in tannins and flavonoids in the composition of flowers and peach leaves and their antioxidant properties. Antibacterial activity of the peach flower and leaf extract was investigated using Mycobacterium tuberculosis and E. coli by the disk diffusion method. Total fractions of flavonoids and tannins were obtained using ethanol and aqueous extraction, respectively. The antioxidant activity was evaluated using the adrenaline autooxidation test. The results have shown that the peach flower extract contains many flavonoids, tannins that probably account for better antimicrobial effects as compared with the peach leaf extract. This shows perspectives for the use of peach flowers for the treatment of many diseases, especially for tuberculosis, and other diseases associated with overproduction of free radicals.


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