Biomedical Chemistry: Research and Methods (BMCRM) uses external independent reviewing for all incoming materials. Highly qualified experts with experience in particular areas justified by representative publications are reviewers of this journal. Members of the editorial board can also act as reviewers of submitted papers related to their scientific interests.

Primary evaluation of the submitted paper is made by a handling editor which is responsible for pilot evaluation of correspondence of the submitted paper to aims and scopes of BMCRM and whether the scientific merit the article is sufficient for publication in this journal.

The handling editor determines the list of potential reviewers, which will be invited to review a particular article. The identity of the reviewers is not disclosed and direct communication between the reviewers and the author is impossible. All correspondence with the authors occurs via the Handling Editor. Materials submitted for publication are reviewed by at least by two independent reviewers. Based on the review results, the handling editor makes a decision about acceptance of the submitted paper for publication.

Authors may also be asked to finalize the article. In any decision (accept or reject), the motivating parts of the review are sent to the authors. The decision of the appointed editor to reject the article is final.The decision of the handling editor to finalize the article (in terms of the composition of the proposed changes) may be questioned by authors in a letter to the editor-in-chief of the journal. The decision of the editor-in-chief is final.

The revised version of the submitted paper is sent for the same reviews unless the changes included only literary revisions, were technical in nature (for example, changing the number of drawings or redistribution some of materials/illustrations into supplementary materials) or the changes include insignificant corrections, which reviewers leave for editorial article processing.

The handling editor is assigned by the Editor-in-Chief or Deputy Editor within one week after manuscript submission. The maximal reviewing period does not exceed 2 months from the date of handling editor appointment. The article sent to the authors for revision should be returned in the corrected form within two months. If authors need longer period for preparation of the revised version they should inform the handling editor. Authors must submit in the newly uploaded file with the additional file containing point-to-point answers to the comments and criticism raised by the reviewers and the editor. All changes in the text should be highlighted in yellow.

The revised version is typically reviewed by the same reviewers involved in reviewing of initially submitted papers.